blurred edges

Fr, 11.06.2021, 22:00 Uhr

blurred edges - Hörbar 1

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Esoterische Synthesizer und ultrareduzierte Rhythmen

Hainbach: electronics
Thorsten Soltau: electronics

Based out of Berlin, Germany, electro-acoustic music composer and performer Hainbach creates shifting audio landscapes The Wire called "One hell of a trip". Using esoteric synthesizers, test equipment, magnetic tape and idiophones, his music is both abstract yet very much a corporal experience. He has become known for his immersive live performances and recently through his YouTube channel, where he brings experimental music techniques to a wider audience.

Thorsten Soltau:?Aus dem Archiv
Thorsten Soltau spielt unveröffentlichtes Material aus dem Archiv. Eine Melange aus brüchigem Ambient, ultrareduzierten Rhythmen, synthetisierten Feldaufnahmen und spontanen Experimenten.

Ort: Videostream

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