Musikschaffende und Unterstützer des Verbandes:


Li Jessel

________focusing on ArT in all it´s spectrums________ working in the field of electronic music composition since 1998. started doing recordings from today's life and any kind of moments and noises from parties, sounds from the outside of bodies, the nature, the cities.. grasping moments and filling those into a collage with my voice, with voices from friends, with guitarsounds and synthsounds___
in 2001 i started MC`ing in the Drumnbass scene in Hamburg under the pseudonym MC Stasha.
in 2005 with the possibility of working in music composing programmes on my first Laptop i found the fulfillment of doing my own compositions with multiple more possibilities, digital synths, building own beats, easy cutting samples, modulating voices, simply just destroying and building up new things the way i liked it and not the way - mostly the guy with whom i worked with wanted to place my vocals and beats and sounds. electronic music production was in it´s early stage until the beginning of 2000 still a male dominated world. but this is changing rapidly and i am glad about___ ouu what a great satisfaction for oneself not to be dependent from anyone else, to learn the skillz and do it on your own, to make noises and crash a beat, fill it up with distortions or leaving it clean the way you feel that moment _______fre e eejazzzzzz z z z zzzZ____ even though it´s nice working in collaborations when you find the right ones to work with.

2002-2005 University of Hamburg, Undergraduate in Music sciences and Southslavic languages 2013-2018 University of Fine Arts in Hamburg, Bachelor of Fine Arts in time-related media

just some influences to be named ..Noise, Drone, Power-Electronics, Deeptech Electro, Dark_Ambient, Trip Hop, DrumnBass, Experimental Electronic Trash Dash Slash Crash...and many more which get alive throughout working with soundmodulation of metalfoundries, machines and most of all my voice.
btw. my passion for Jazz, Punk, Avantgarde and Worldmusic is not less much than for the genres i mentioned in which fields i create my music.. so FUCK GENRES & ANY KIND OF BORDERS!!!


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