Pony Says

Thilo Ruck, Felix Nagl, Lucas Gérin

Pony Says is a Trio, specialised in contemporary music and free improvisation. In addition to their main instruments (piano/keyboard, drums/e-drums, guitar/e-guitar), the three play ad-hoc instruments, control live electronics, and integrate light and video into their performance. Works commissioned by Pony Says are always created in close collaboration with composers* and negotiate questions on diverse areas such as socio-cultural issues, this-ness, electronic music, pop culture, music with music, conceptualism, new discipline, and editing practices in new music. Improvisation is an integral part of the trio's work and serves to improve their interplay, expand their sound palette and develop new pieces; they also regularly improvise in concerts, on an equal footing with the interpretation of their own repertoire. The ensemble sound should be kept elastic, but by nature Pony Says prefer noisy, dense electronic textures with sound clichés and rhythmic fractures. So far they premiered pieces by Neo Hülcker, Philipp Krebs, Ui-Kyung Lee, Jessie Marino, Martin Schüttler, Steven Takasugi, Julian Siffert and Yiran Zhao.