PRÄSENTATION 24 - Gino Robair


Ein Vortrag des Perkussionisten und Elektronikmusikers Gino Robair (San Francisco). Robair studierte Komposition an der University of Redlands und am Mills College. Als Perkussionist war er Schüler von Ron George, William Kraft, William Winant und Eddie Prévost. Er arbeitete mit Musikern wie Anthony Braxton, Tom Waits, John Butcher, LaDonna Smith, Otomo Yoshihide, Eugene Chadbourne, Liz Allbee, John Zorn und Nina Hagen und ist Gründungsmitglied der Gruppen Splatter Trio und Pink Mountain. Anfang der 2000er Jahre entstand seine Improvisations-Oper I, Norton nach dem Leben des selbsternannten Kaisers der Vereinigten Staaten Joshua Norton, eines in Robairs Heimatstadt San Francisco bekannten Exzentrikers. Ein Video über die Konzeption und Aufführung des Werkes wurde 2006 produziert. Robair wirkte an mehr als 80 Alben als Perkussionist, mitunter auch Gitarrist, Keyboarder oder Musiker auf elektroakustischen Instrumenten (Synthesizer, Theremin, Tonband) mit. English: Gino Robair is an American composer, improvisor, drummer, and percussionist . In his own work (as a soloist and in improvisation ensembles), he plays prepared/modified percussion, analog synthesizer, ebow and prepared piano, theremin, and bowed objects (polystyrene, customized/broken cymbals, faux daxophone, metal). Although Gino is often referred to as a jazz musician, he grew up playing both rock and concert music. Based on the cryptic liner notes of recent releases (for example, the duo CD "Sputter" with Birgit Ulher), it is not always clear what instruments Robair is playing. In recent interviews (Paris Transatlantic, The Wire), he notes that the term "energized surfaces" refers to the use of drums as resonators for other objects, which he bows, scrapes, rubs, or activates with an ebow, motors, or compressed air through a horn. "Voltage made audible" is used to describe analog electronics and circuit bent instruments. As a composer, Robair has written pieces for a variety of ensembles (including the ROVA Saxophone Quartet), scored numerous Shakespearean plays with the California Shakespeare Festival (where he was music director for five years), and created jingles for radio and television. He also served as music director and composer for the cartoon series "The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat". His large-scale work, "I, Norton," is an opera based on the life of Emperor Norton, which combines improvisation, graphic scores, game pieces, and fully notated scores. The piece was featured in the documentary Noisy People, by Tim Perkis. Gino Robair is the former editor of Electronic Musician and he runs Rastascan Records. Robair frequently tours North America and Europe as a soloist and often improvises in ad-hoc groups. He has recorded with Anthony Braxton, Tom Waits, John Butcher, LaDonna Smith, Otomo Yoshihide, Terry Riley, Lou Harrison, Eugene Chadbourne, Club Foot Orchestra, ROVA Saxophone Quartet, Birgit Ulher, Beth Custer, and Fred Frith, and many others. In addition, he has performed with John Zorn, Nina Hagen, and Thinking Fellers Union Local 282. He is also a founding member of the Splatter Trio and Pink Mountain. His academic work includes composition studies with Barney Childs at the University of Redlands and Lou Harrison, David Rosenboom, and Larry Polansky at Mills College. He studied percussion with Ron George, William Kraft, William Winant, and Eddie Prévost of AMM. He also studied Javanese Gamelan with Jody Diamond and Widyanto, and wrote several works for the instruments. So, 19.6.2011, 20:00 Uhr Centro Sociale, Sternstr. 2, 20357 HH